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Hydrogeological surveys

Standpipe piezometers are used to monitor piezometric water levels.

Typical applications include:

• Monitoring pore-water pressure to determine the stability of slopes, embankments, and landfill dikes.

• Monitoring the effectiveness of dewatering schemes.

• Monitoring seepage and ground water movements in embankments, landfill dikes, and dams.


After the borehole is drilled, the filter tip and riser pipe are assembled and installed downhole. Sand is tremied to the bottom of the borehole to form a sand intake zone around the filter tip. A bentonite seal is placed above the intake zone and the orehole is backfilled with a bentonite-cement grout.

The riser pipe is terminated above ground level and capped to prevent entry of rain water.

The permeability test is a measure of the rateof the flow of water through soil.
In this test, water is forced by a knownconstant pressure through a soil specimen ofknown dimensions and the rate of flow isdetermined.

Pumping and pumping station