Environmental Surveys

Environmental projects involve the specialized applications of geotechnical drilling methods to monitor the quality of sub-surface material and assist in the control and remediation of contaminant in this material. Our environmental site investigation typically involves drilling boreholes across the site and taking soil samples from various depths which are then sent to a laboratory for chemical analysis;  but are not limited to; standard penetration, soil/rock coring. We provide ground and environmental investigation services with traditional soil rotary drilling and ground radar methods.

·         In situ environmental data acquisition, monitoring and reporting of critical tolerances;

·         Contamination Investigation and Sampling

·         Ground Water Monitoring and Contaminant Plume Assessment

·         Design and installation of gas monitoring wells

·         In-situ gas emissions test

·         Hydrogeological Investigations and Modeling

·         Predictions and timely warnings of dangerous natural phenomena;

·         Waste management

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